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Maxed Out

Home suite home

By G.D. Maxwell Maybe it’s silly to get swept up in local politics at a time like this.

105 monkeys figure out how to get the banana out

By G.D. Maxwell There’s this famous experiment in the annals of learning. It involves a jar, a banana and a monkey.

Have you heard? The war is over!

By G.D. Maxwell The Canadian Senate, that moribund public patronage trough for aging political bagpersons and defeated politicians, has sung its own song of freedom, its own redemption song - Don't Bogart that Joint My Friend, Pass it Over to Me.

The salad days at Smilin’ Dog Manner

By G.D. Maxwell It’s hard to think there will ever be, a fruit as perfect as the rasp-ber-rie. It’s harvest time at Smilin’ Dog Manner. Push has come to shovel and we’re about to test the limits of friendship.

The Big Apple beckons

By G.D.

Maxed Out

Sustainability in practice, Cariboo-style

At home in the neighbourly Cariboo

By G.D. Maxwell Ah, the sounds of summer. I'm doing my best to be pragmatic about the chainsaw screeching next door. It's a temporary aberration. I'm sure it'll stop sooner or later.

Human nature exposed in the woods

By G.D. Maxwell Like so many things in life, I imagine you can apply the 80-20 rule to explain the garbage I keep finding where people have camped before me.

Escaping the Tyranny of Whistler

I know Pique comes out on Friday and for that I am grateful. It entertains me, it helps me plan my weekend and it reminds me of what I was thinking about earlier in the week when I wrote this. A memory is a terrible thing to waste.

Why Whistler should go to pot

Well, they might still not smoke marijuana in Muskogee – who cares? – but if so, it must be about the last place on earth. The Killer Weed is enjoying a high, so to speak, a renaissance of reefer, a bounty of bud. Roll another one...