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Maxed Out

And now the news

By G.D. Maxwell "War is hell," is what I thought I heard him say.

America marches on its stomach

Since I hope one day to be able to cross the border into the United States without undergoing a body cavity search, I’d just like to make my position perfectly clear: I am not ashamed George W. Bush is from Texas.

The essential points of Spring Break

By G.D. Maxwell Welcome to Spring Break! If you live in Whistler, you’re probably thinking, "Hey, didn’t we have spring break during the entire month of February?" Yes. Yes we did.

Premier sticks his foot in it again

By G.D. Maxwell Okay, now I’m worried. Last week it seemed as though the whole Olympics thing was more or less in the bag. I was convinced, not to say fatalistic, the Games were ours to lose.

Exorcising democracy

By G.D. Maxwell Between William Shakespeare and Mark Twain I sometimes think all the good lines have already been written.

The Family’s jewels

By G.D. Maxwell "Hain’t we got all the fools in town on our side? And hain’t that a big enough majority in any town?" Mark Twain, from Huckleberry Finn Well, I guess we’ll know for sure tomorrow.

Understanding mountains

By G.D. Maxwell Last Saturday’s two tragic events, one in space, one on earth, couldn’t more neatly bookend the sweep and scope of human experience.

A time to celebrate… Whatever

By G.D.

Keep the receipt

By G.D. Maxwell I pretty much gave up trying to understand electronics around the time soldering irons became extinct. Yeah, yeah, I know, soldering irons are still around and still have uses. So am I.

Say goodbye, Mr. Campbell

By G.D. Maxwell Friends, in these troubled times, let us take a moment and feel true empathy for our fallen brother, the Right Dishonourable Gordon M. Campbell… prisoner number 03-02659. Okay, that’s long enough.