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Maxed Out

Maxed Out

Sustainability in practice, Cariboo-style

At home in the neighbourly Cariboo

By G.D. Maxwell Ah, the sounds of summer. I'm doing my best to be pragmatic about the chainsaw screeching next door. It's a temporary aberration. I'm sure it'll stop sooner or later.

Human nature exposed in the woods

By G.D. Maxwell Like so many things in life, I imagine you can apply the 80-20 rule to explain the garbage I keep finding where people have camped before me.

Escaping the Tyranny of Whistler

I know Pique comes out on Friday and for that I am grateful. It entertains me, it helps me plan my weekend and it reminds me of what I was thinking about earlier in the week when I wrote this. A memory is a terrible thing to waste.

Why Whistler should go to pot

Well, they might still not smoke marijuana in Muskogee – who cares? – but if so, it must be about the last place on earth. The Killer Weed is enjoying a high, so to speak, a renaissance of reefer, a bounty of bud. Roll another one...

The hunting of the gopher

By G.D. Maxwell I am not a violent man. Ornery, crabby, opinionated and cynical, but not violent. I religiously believe in turning the other cheek.

My generation, talkin’ ’bout your future

By G.D. Maxwell "Why don’tcha all f-f-fade away, And don’t try to dig what we all s-s-say." — Peter Townshend My generation sucks.

Lessons from the road relearned

By G.D. Maxwell Firmly rooted to the clay soil of Smilin’ Dog Manner, I am missing what I don’t have. What I don’t have is aimless wandering, jumping in Mello Yello and spending long parts of summers on the road.

Our kind of folks

By G.D. Maxwell Got a second? As much as I itch to, I can’t bring myself to ask that question of our esteemed Councillor Wells. Though Kristi and I don’t necessarily see eye to eye on many – most – issues, I feel her pain.

At one with the earth

By G.D. Maxwell There are at least two fundamental problems with gardening. The first is, it’s an obscene amount of work, way more sweat and toil than anything generally referred to as a pastime or hobby has a right to be.