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Maxed Out

Liberal spending: world class and school class

By G.D. Maxwell Some days you just can’t believe your luck. A lot of those days, unfortunately, the luck you can’t believe is bad. But when it’s good luck, really good luck, those are days to savour.

Oh, the weather outside is frightening…

By G.D. Maxwell Well, the good news is it’s finally stopped snowing in Colorado. Poor devils have only gotten about two inches the past week. Had to cut back the open terrain at some of their mountains to, oh, 97 per cent or so.

A masterful plan for the Callaghan

One thing is becoming perfectly clear in all the hoopla surrounding the 2010 Vancouver Olympic bid. Nothing’s very clear. Murkiness abounds.

Ties that bind

Whenever someone says to me, "I have some good news and I have some bad news," I choose the good news first.

A technicality, trust us

If you go into the woods Nov. 16

If you go into the woods Nov. 16 th . One beautiful autumn day, a busload of politicians was driving to a political rally along a lightly travelled country road.

Signs of the political times

By G.D.

Where politicians come from

By G.D. Maxwell Earlier this week, the National Academy of Sciences announced Italian researchers at the University of Milan had successfully introduced human DNA into swine sperm.

A hitchhikers guide to our universe (Don’t Panic)

By G.D. Maxwell I’d like to take this opportunity to personally offer a warm welcome to each and every one of this year’s batch of fresh-faced suckers, er, workers. Welcome to Whistler. Got skis? Got boards? Good.

The autumn of J.J.’s discontent

By G.D. Maxwell The days are golden at Smilin’ Dog Man’r. Birch and poplar, having fought pestilence all summer long, are finally blazing yellow in the lengthening rays of a waning sun.