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A Whistler Space Odyssey

The Spaceship Whistler entered 2001 on an uncertain course. The astronauts at the controls had a number of tasks to accomplish and tried to steer through the asteroids, but many hazards lay ahead.

Five year plan shows financial problems

The week before Christmas didn’t bring any cheer for Whistler taxpayers, nor for anyone keeping an eye on Whistler’s long-term financial picture.

Not the American Dream

"Vail was a product of pure faith in a sport that was only beginning to bloom, a resort built within a laissez-faire political environment where the government didn't care what developers did.

Crazy Canucks live on

Way down deep in the back of a drawer I found two very yellow newspaper clippings, from exactly 25 years ago this week. The headline of one says "Canada up for downhill," the other says "Canadians dominate World Cup downhill.


Look at a topographic map of British Columbia and you will notice it’s different from a topographic map of Saskatchewan or Manitoba — B.C. is not flat.


Last week Vancouver Sun columnist Patrick Nagle wrote about the hidden costs to British Columbians of the recently announced development of the White Tooth ski area near Golden, B.C.


Bears, goats and politics If someone were looking for a textbook example of the factors and battles that go on before land use decisions are made in British Columbia today, they need look no further than the proposed Cayoosh Resort at Melvin Creek.


Some of the implications of the municipality’s recently adopted transportation strategy came to light Monday, and we’re not talking about pay parking.


Intrawest’s sale last week of 26 town house units at The Heights on Taluswood for $26 million-plus generated a lot of oohs and ahhs and head shaking. Once again, the demand for real estate in Whistler exceeded expectations.


Ten years ago the power of television finally hit home for those of us who didn’t fully comprehend how the small screen could change the world, and our perceptions of the world.
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