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Pique'n Yer Interest

Paying lip service to fish

So it’s just another rainy, Thursday morning.

Canada at the Games

After a slow start to the Beijing Games — no medals in the first seven days — Canadian athletes rallied to finish with 18 medals — six more than Athens in 2004, and four more than Sydney in 2000.

Only YOU can stop bear killings

When I first moved to Whistler in late April, I was excited at the prospect of seeing a bear. Being a lifelong Vancouverite, my only encounters with wildlife came at around 2 a.m.

Contemplating superpowers: From black hole palms to weather witches

It was a sunny day on a grassy field. There was weed and a hot girl. I was 16 and she was 17. There were classes to attend, but we didn’t care. Clearly, it was go time.

My, my, my you are hard to get to

It may be true that no man is an island and no man stands alone.

The good, bad and ugly at Pemby Fest

People complain too much, all the time, about everything. The problem is expectations — when something goes wrong in our perfect little worlds we take it personally, focusing on the negative instead of the positive.

Harper to Canada: “Stand up for torture!”

“Stand up for Canada” was the slogan that Stephen Harper took to the polls in 2006.

Not worth a phone call

The National ’s on, and the world is emotionally deflating in a sanitized, TV-dinner type of way.

The Rainbow Clause

Evidently the new definition of affordable housing in Whistler is that somebody out there can afford it.
Pique N yer Interest

Pique N yer Interest

Cool to be Canada