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Pique'n Yer Interest

Preparing for disappointment

My grade school was Catholic. But I was lucky. Unlike some of my peers, I escaped those demented pedagogues — with all their knobby knuckles, chalky crowfeet and unquestioning ritualism — largely without indoctrination.

Slightly higher learning

Whistler voters have issues upon issues to consider in this municipal election, including some very serious questions about the resort’s ability to provide current levels of services without a serious increase in property taxes.

Whistler’s Americans weigh in on the U.S. election

Six days after this paper comes out, the United States of American will have a new president. Even from the snow-capped mountaintops of Whistler, it has been almost impossible to avoid the reality-TV U.S. election show.

Death of an ideal

Another pointless federal election just flew by, and Canada is a little worse off for it.

The right to be offensive

A premature cheer must have risen from Canadian newsrooms last week. The B.C. Human Rights Tribunal laid down a ruling in the case of El-Masry and Habib v. Rogers Publishing and MacQueen.

Played by the cops: A not entirely puerile lament for the RCMP

It sounds childish, but I don’t really like cops. I’m not all NWA about the whole thing — even though I like that song — but, just the same, encounters with the law typically make me want to break it in very serious ways.

In China we trust. Or, what’s Chinese for ‘Sputnik’?

Amid WaMu’s collapse and Wall Street’s rejected bailout; amid the caricaturized U.S.

Low down for 2010

Since more than 5,000 people flocked to the village in 2003 to celebrate the successful bid to host the 2010 Winter Games, it feels like public enthusiasm for the Olympics has dipped from the highest highs to the lowest lows, from “we’ll show the wor

Green Shift doesn’t go far enough

Canadians by now have thrown in the towel on Stephane Dion. For months the nebbish Liberal leader has endured a barrage of attacks on his persona, his speech, and his alleged intent to “screw everybody” with a carbon tax.

How Paul McCartney became a vegetarian (The Bambi part is true)

The dream begins in a meadow. There’s pollen drifting through early morning sunbeams, and all is at peace. In case there is any doubt, clouds of butterflies offer reassurance as they funnel about, conducted by earthly rhythms.
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