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Pique'n Yer Interest

When did facts become opinions?

We live in an age when truths have become matters of opinion. No longer can you shoot down an argument with a statement of fact - the fact, it seems, has become an argument all its own. Take Mark Steyn, for example.

Selling you to the highest bidder. Or, You’ve just been Facebooked

Ever wanted to see George W.

Stupid is as stupid does

One of the ongoing debates over the financial crisis is whether the movers and shakers who brought about a second depression were greedy or just plain stupid.

Lessons from APEC ’97

The Olympics are closing in. The countdown has begun. News organizations have flocked to Whistler to commemorate just one more year of waiting. RCMP helicopters and who knows what else are gazing down on us from above.

The media deserves better criticism

There's a great Far Side comic that's a perfect illustration of Rene Girard's theories about scapegoating. Wayne, a lonely, bespectacled man, sits in his bedroom. He looks out his window upon a crowd of protesters.

The speech you’ll never hear

In light of all the recent uproar over Games spending and borrowing in Vancouver, here is the speech that I would someday like to hear from Jacques Rogge, president of the International Olympic Committee: "Hey everybody, thanks for being here.

Ari Got His Gun

He knows he can’t hesitate. He sits amidst a pile of rubble, mostly debris from decrepit, antiquated buildings that line an abandoned street. No point in bombing them. They could fall to pieces themselves.

The Burger Man's Burden

This helicopter, my chariot to fields far flung. This portable broiler, my tank in lands left savage. This battery of cameras, my agents of posterity — because it’s important first to record, then to broadcast.

A different version of 2008

Remember Y2K? Seems pretty embarrassing now, doesn’t it? Like when you got drunk for the first time. Except on Dec.

Newsmakers of 2008

Setting this year against the last, it’s been a fairly docile year for the news. No Taser incidents, no high-profile assassinations, no clear instances of Prime Ministerial bribery (save for one unproven allegation).