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Pique'n Yer Interest

Go go muni commandos!

Finally, a good use of Whistler taxpayers' money. I jumped with joy this week when I read our letters page and found out that bylaw enforcement officers with the Resort Municipality of Whistler have taken up G.I.

The pre-Olympic free fall

Confession: as a child, I was petrified of falling forever. I had this deep-rooted, gut-wrenching fear that one day the Earth would cease to exist, disappear straight into thin air, poof , and everyone would be left in Outer Space.

Camel wanted

The camel is dead. Timelessly tough, endlessly enduring, its strong back was finally crushed beneath the weight of straw. One minute the camel was up, the next it was down.

Why Sea to Sky needs communications training

I�ve been reporting for Pique for just over a year and in all that time I�ve held the same conclusion: public bodies and people in this corridor are in serious need of communications training.

Young, dumb… broke

Those of us in our 20s got dealt a bad hand this year. Or at least we got dealt a reality check where we were forced to understand that the economy is not our friend.

The talented caste

In Canada and the U.S. we have something called inheritance taxes, which can run as high as 50 per cent of the value of an estate.

A radical balloon

At a recent Squamish council meeting, a member of the community spoke out regarding the proposed Riverstones development across the street from his property.

Lust and the daily commute

From the moment I first saw her sitting in that parking lot in Burnaby, I knew I wanted her. With a fierce desire. Her sleek shape exuded both elegance and charisma.

Army of one

Sometimes I wish I learned karate, or some variation of the martial arts that would allow me to speak out in public without the fear of being made to scream uncle, kiss someone's shoe or whistle while my nurples are being purpled.

No inquiry is a criminal court

The death of Robert Dziekanski remains one of the great unresolved tragedies of our time.