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Pique'n Yer Interest

The case for traditional media

Two weeks ago Pique staffers attended a conference put on by the Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ). It was a sparsely-attended event by national standards, owing to the sad financial state that media find themselves in today.

Where are the carrots?

A lot of locals were disappointed two weeks ago when pay parking was introduced in the Telus Conference Centre underground, one of the last bastions of free parking in Whistler Village.

Where were you scammed? Don’t ask your bank

My debit card got skimmed this past weekend. Yours probably did too. I noticed it when I went to a Rexall in Whistler Village to buy a bottle of shampoo. My fast-receding hair doesn't naturally smell of roses so I need to wash the stuff.

Ham-demic, served

Jackpot. We did it. We hooked them in. We got their pulses racing. Yes, just like that, we're thrust back in the Master's Chair, resuming our places as Keepers of Information and Sharers of Secrets.

STV or more of the same

Canada is not served very well by its party system, or our first-past-the-post electoral system. It's time to shake things up a bit. Federally, we have four centre-left parties if you include the Bloc, and one party on the right.

Want my vote? Reform the BCHRT

Casual observers of the news can be forgiven for seeing economy, environment and infrastructure as the most important issues in this year's provincial election.

It’s a numbers thing

The environmental movement can be extremely successful when it concentrates on a single issue. The ban on the pesticide DDT is one example. Reducing sulfur dioxide gas emissions to prevent acid rain is another.

Of turbans, saris and TNA bags: The changing face of nationality

Last Sunday, like clockwork, it happened again. I was standing in the Vancouver International Airport waiting to pass through the immigration department when the usual surge of panic I feel every time I enter Canada started flooding through my veins.

Suspension of disbelief

I've always been a common sense kind of guy, although that's not always a good thing.

When did facts become opinions?

We live in an age when truths have become matters of opinion. No longer can you shoot down an argument with a statement of fact - the fact, it seems, has become an argument all its own. Take Mark Steyn, for example.