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All you can be

Naïve parents who believe that their children's video game addiction enhances problem solving abilities and hand-eye co-ordination may not be as out to lunch as previously thought.

WORCA’s efforts furthered democratic process

The most impressive thing about Tuesday’s all-candidates meeting, aside from the turnout, was the enthusiasm and desire of people to learn more about the 20 candidates running for seven seats on Whistler council.

Net-proofing your kids

Kids are growing up fast these days, drinking coffee, talking on cell phones, getting tattoos, preparing their own meals, staying out late, and wearing clothes that you’re not comfortable seeing on a 20-year-old.

Olympic bid has evolved, it was time to vote

At the closing ceremonies of each Olympic Games he presided over, Juan Antonio Samaranche, the former president of the International Olympic Committee, used to say the just-concluded Games were the best Olympics ever held.

You don’t vote, you can’t complain

Park City’s Myles Rademan, a consultant to Whistler and other mountain resorts, once produced a series of principles describing people and life in resort towns.

The hydrogen age

The carbon age is now officially living on borrowed time. While our dependency on fossil fuels will probably continue to increase for the next few decades, the peak of our consumption is in sight.

21 threats and a joke

In this week’s Cybernaut – 21 serious computer threats to consider and the one joke that everyone can agree on Eye on Spyware Contrary to what you might think, spyware is not a tuxedo or a two-way video wristwatch communicator with a built-

TA issue drags on

There’s little doubt the municipality has, over the last six years, failed to adequately address the issue of nightly rentals in residential neighbourhoods.

Taking back the Web

Outside of the American military, the first Internet networks were built and maintained by a group university professors to allow the great minds of the time to exchange ideas and co-operate on projects.

Housing survey full of sobering facts

The Whistler Housing Authority’s 2002 survey of housing needs, released a couple of weeks ago, seems to contain good news, at first glance.
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