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Looking for Answers

A little over two months ago a company called GuruNet launched a unique website called that is quietly, calmly taking the Internet by storm.

This week's letters

CUPE playing fair? I read the comments of representatives of CUPE 2010 in the papers last week with great interest and chuckled about Peter Davidson’s apparent concern about and for the community and those that live here.

Time for tough choices, rather than financial tools

In the mid-80s Whistler sent an official delegation to Victoria to plead its case for a resort tax.

Quantity over quality?

Music industry contemplates nickel downloads In the last two years iTunes, the popular music organizing and download service from Apple, has sold an amazing 300 million songs for the average price of about a dollar.

This week's letters

Goodbye to Uli’s, with love After spending the past 26 hours with so many great people packing, moving, celebrating 13 great years, and packing and moving more, I find myself unable to get any rest until I set the record straight with not only o

The first step to recovery: recognizing there’s a problem

Assume for a moment that Whistler could build an airport big enough to handle 737s, that the airport used geo-thermal heating and electricity generated by a run-of-river micro-hydro project.

Planet Mitchell

When it comes to immortality, the best a guy of my means can realistically hope for is a brass plaque on a park bench, and that’s if I start saving tomorrow.

This week's letters

It’s the negative opinions that help I would like to express a thank-you to Pique Newsmagazine for not relenting to the request of Bruce MacDonald who wanted you not to publish negative articles regarding Americans that are already under attack.

If you thought the last five years had been challenging…

Five years ago at this time we were just getting over the fact that the world hadn’t stopped spinning and computers hadn’t melted down when the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve and the odometer rolled over to the year 2000.

Low tech budget

Last week the Liberal Party unfurled what can only be described as 1980’s federal budget – the jocks got everything, and the nerds got the shaft. There was more than $12 billion for the military and almost half a billion for athletes.
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