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Once upon a time, a little Internet startup called Napster had the world in the palm of its hand.

Time to move forward with Nita Lake Lodge

In the early ’90s John Glenn, the American senator, filed a suit over a housing project that was in view of his Vail house.

Going spam free

A recent industry study predicted that in the next three years, more than 60 per cent of all e-mails sent via Internet will be spam.

The golf course swap, chapter 2

Perhaps this is an admission of how irrelevant this space usually is, but few columns have produced as much feedback as the idea espoused two weeks ago about moving the Whistler Golf Course to the Callaghan Valley and fulfilling our resident housing

The future of free

In the entire history of democracy, and free speech, and open communication, nothing has had a greater impact than the Internet.

Big hoary deal

hoary adj . ( -ier, -iest ) 1a (of hair) grey or white with age. b (of a person) having such hair; aged, venerable. 2 old and trite ( a hoary joke ). 3 Bot. & Zool. Covered with short white hairs.

A successful formula and an option

Anyone studying the formula that has made Whistler a successful resort community will eventually come across the concept of warm beds – beds that are occupied nightly by visitors, as opposed to beds that remain empty when the owners aren’t

Top sites on the Web

Like the Neilsen ratings for television or Ebert and Roeper for the movies, determining the best of what’s on the Web is a nebulous thing.

Another scapegoat

In last week’s Pique, I told the story of 18-year-old Jeffrey Parson of small-town Minnesota, a computer enthusiast who was dumb enough to replicate the Blaster virus, and leave his name all over it before re-releasing it onto the Web.

Village assets need to be protected

The sound of jackhammers has never been confused with the wailing song of the sirens. No one has ever been drawn by the machine-gun bursts of a compressed air demolition machine to seek the source of this tune.
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