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Odds and Ends

Everybody has a catch-all drawer to throw the items they’re not quite sure what to do with. They’re not useless, they just don’t seem to belong anywhere else.


If New York wise guy John Gotti is the "Teflon Don," then Seattle smart guy Bill Gates is surely the "Non-Stick Nerd" – nobody can pin anything on the Microsoft chairman, not even the feds. On June 28, the U.S.

Employee housing problems not getting any easier

Further proof that Whistler is different from other towns: Shannon Byrne is recognized as one of Canada’s top 40 entrepreneurs under 40 years old, yet her company is seen as part of the problem when it comes to housing employees in Whistler.

Addressing condo-hotel tax issue long overdue

Property taxes are due this week, which for most Whistler property owners is not a happy thought. But for some, this may be the last year they have it so good.

Tinkering with toys

I spend hours everyday trying to get my computers to run faster. Whether it be hardware upgrades or tweaking settings to get that little oomph out of my beige box you can bet that I have tried it.

Ea$y come, ea$y go

Money in the Bank When I was a kid with a paper route and a shovel, I was good with my money. I hoarded every nickel and penny in an old lock box under the bed, breaking it out every now and then to roll up the change to convert to bills.

A disturbing silence

According to the McIntyre & Mustel Research Ltd.

Too many fingers in the pie

By Loreth Beswetherick It’s bad enough when roommates fall afoul of each other, but when hundreds of owners and a multitude of property managers can’t agree on how to run one condominium hotel, the fall-out can be ugly and the consequences

Bootleg Blues

As much as I dislike the idea of stealing copyrighted material from musicians via Napster, I question the U.S. District Judge Marilyn Patel’s decision to crack down on a single MP3 trading service.

Letters to the editor

Don’t lose the Whistler magic This is an open letter to Hugh Smythe, Intrawest corporation.
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