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Virus writers face off

It seems that a virus author’s worst nightmare isn’t getting caught by law enforcement after all, but rather being upstaged by other virus writers.

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Every now and then it’s good idea to clean up that drawer or basket where you keep your receipts, dead batteries, expired medication, Kinder Toys, extra screws, and all kinds of other sundry crap you should have had the foresight to chuck in the

Is Whistler ready for John Furlong?

John Furlong began the Vancouver 2010 Bid Corporation’s presentation to the International Olympic Committee last July by saying, "We’re delighted to be here, and perhaps just a little nervous.

The music industry strikes back

Forget everything that Sesame Street taught you – sharing is bad.

Taxes no longer taxing

A few years ago I resolved to never do my own taxes again.

Chasing the almighty destination visitor

Whistler's business woes were well documented last week, locally and in Vancouver, but if it's any consolation, we are not alone.

E-voting tested in Canada

The U.S. electoral system is a mess. If it’s not a debate about hanging chads and impropriety in Florida, then it’s a controversy over the companies contracted to replace the chad and ballot system with touch-screen voting booths.

A sign of the times

Following the announcement last July 2 that Vancouver and Whistler had been awarded the 2010 Winter Olympics there were some who feared Whistler prices would climb even higher and the resort would become less affordable, for vacationers and residents

Slow week for Canadian skiers

Grandi 11 th , Janyk 12 th in World Cup The Canadian Alpine Ski Team had an off-weekend on the World Cup circuit, which is a minor setback after their recent success.

The time has come for many things

"The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things: Of shoes… and ships… and sealing-wax… Of cabbages… and kings… And why the sea is boiling hot… And whether pigs have wings.
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