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A sign of the times

Following the announcement last July 2 that Vancouver and Whistler had been awarded the 2010 Winter Olympics there were some who feared Whistler prices would climb even higher and the resort would become less affordable, for vacationers and residents

Slow week for Canadian skiers

Grandi 11 th , Janyk 12 th in World Cup The Canadian Alpine Ski Team had an off-weekend on the World Cup circuit, which is a minor setback after their recent success.

The time has come for many things

"The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things: Of shoes… and ships… and sealing-wax… Of cabbages… and kings… And why the sea is boiling hot… And whether pigs have wings.

MyDoom breaks records

Ahh MyDoom, the plucky little virus that could.

Going soft on Mike Rowe

A copyright is a copyright, the law is quite clear about that.

Completing circles

The national and provincial media were all atwitter Monday with the news that Ted Nebbeling was the highest ranking politician known to have married his same-sex partner.

Get happy, or die trying

"Richer, fatter, and not much happier" was the headline of the Worldwatch Institute's annual report, State of the World 2004. The subtitle reads "Consumer appetite erodes quality of life for rich and poor".

Measuring success, and depression

According to the Ministry of Skills, Development and Labour in Victoria, adding another statutory holiday between Jan. 1 and Good Friday - a gap of 98 days this year - would cost employers in B.C. $175 million in wages paid for that non-working day.

Burned by progress

For my birthday last year, my girlfriend eased my trepidation over turning 30 with an incredible gift – a brand new Sony NetMD MiniDisc player. Cobalt blue, if you’re wondering.

Fear of flying in the age of security

No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear. — Edmund Burke The campaign slogan of Tom Daschle, the Democrat leader in the U.S.
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