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Pique'n Yer Interest

Disposable society

Back in the day - even five years ago - a TV was a thing to care for, like a car. I still have my first, it's shaped like a microwave and has a 17-inch screen but it works well and it was a big deal when I bought it.

Parking: the buck stops here

Well, now we know why they're called parking lots - because there's Lots of Parking. At least in Whistler.


Hanukkah ended yesterday, leaving a 15-day gap in my holiday festivities until Christmas rolls around. Getting loads of extra presents is one of the benefits of being part of an extended family of mixed-worship values.

Zombies may solve world hunger

"I don't know what's scarier, the fact that zombies could rise or the fact there are actually people out there that can't wait for it to happen." - Max Brooks I've been awaiting the zombie apocalypse for a while now.

Extremely gnarly stokage

I'm old enough to remember the short-lived "rad" phase.

Bike gangs

As the Whistler Bike Park's dun soil disappears under a better brand of powder, let's take a moment to make sure that something more important doesn't disappear quite as easily.

The callous environmentalist

The Prosperity Mine was rejected last week. It was a gold-copper project by Taseko Mines Ltd. that was projected to bring hundreds of jobs to B.C.'s depressed Cariboo-Chilcotin region. It came with a major cost.

The Book Snob

The single life in a new town can be a lonely one. I've spent some time sulking in the streets and wondering which of the faces I encounter I'll get to know one day.

IPO is a missed opportunity

The old adage that it takes money to make money proves itself once again.

Mission possible:

A typical dinner party, the main course a delicious if sating memory. Desert bowls streaked with chocolate stand empty, wine glasses slosh ruby dregs, and espresso cups clink solemnly around the table. The conversation has been wide-ranging.