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Pique'n Yer Interest

The life yogic: bend this way

Living in a small town brimming with overt and unbridled devotion, I tread carefully when referencing someone's religion, but here's the thing: I frickin' hate yoga.

On Generation Y and stratospheric expectations

Kai Nagata had it made. At 24 years old, he became the Quebec City bureau chief for CTV, one of Canada's most prominent television networks.

The mouse

So, because I'm a man, she asks me, "Will you come by and get rid of the mouse? "Um, sure. Of course." "Are you sure?" she says. I've already forgotten her name. I actually never knew it. "I hope you don't mind.

Transportation blues

A few years ago, Whistler used to boast about its bus system - highest ridership in the province, highest cost-recovery, high customer satisfaction and reasonable fares (it was $1.50 until 2008, now it's $2.50).

Living the Whistler... nightmare

It's at least partly my fault for being an ignorant Ontarian who'd never heard of the entity known as a "strata.

Sin could very well save this town

There are times when we writers wonder if our words have any impact at all but when I wrote a column last month advocating a casino in Whistler, the responses I received indicated that some people were not only listening, but that they were right on

The alienating quality of the Internet

People like to talk about the Internet and its ability to connect us. That evaluation holds plenty of water. Through the evolution of social media we find ourselves more socially connected than ever before.

Put a lid on it

Here's a hypothetical: there's a big traffic accident involving cars and bikes and there's only room in the air ambulance for one patient - and there are two with head injuries that are in critical condition.

Bears repeating

May to October, it's an odd day in Whistler that I don't see a black bear. Sometimes I have to go out of my way not to.

Pray for a casino and maybe it'll come

A casino! In Whistler? What a novel idea. There has been absolutely no talk about it from town planners, at least not that the public has heard, and any time the topic comes up in conversation people are vehemently opposed to the idea.
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