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Pique'n Yer Interest

Why we need the oil sands

The world's biggest environmental threat isn't the bloodthirsty Japanese whaling campaign. It isn't the shark finning that puts tasteless soup before patrons at Chinese restaurants.

The hangover

I'm addicted. All I can think about these days is how it's almost here. I can feel it breathing down my back, staring over my shoulders, watching me. The pressure ripples up and down my neck and pricks at my brain.

Knowing when to shut up

As I've been told time and time again, in letters to the editor and on Internet chat boards, I've lost. It's time to get over it and jump on the bandwagon. The Olympics are coming and no amount of complaining or protest can change that.

The Peak Season fantasy Or the conundrum of throat-spitting your vodka

Yes it's true. My life is just like Peak Season, I told my friend in Winnipeg over the phone last week. You know, even though I live in a place like Whistler, I still have a regular life just like you.

Slightly safer roads

It was only a matter of time before B.C. introduced legislation to curb cell phone use for drivers, as most jurisdictions in Canada already have laws in the books against this form of "distracted driving.

Global warming: the con job we need

Nietzsche wrote in the Will to Power that we progress by way of the lie. The international panic over climate change suggests his thesis still applies. Since 2006, the world has been possessed by an overstated guilt over how we've treated the planet.

Let’s work together

I feel like I'm standing in a room with 100 people criticizing me, yet no one is paying attention to the fact I'm here too. "She's impossible to work with!" I can hear them whisper to one another in conspiracy-like tones.


So let me get this straight. Barack Obama is Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Lenin or both, depending on where you get your information. He's also a tyrant, notwithstanding the fact he was elected in 2008 by the largest majority of any U.S.

Do Olympic critics confront their enemies?

The countdown is on. We have five months left before we're hit by the tidal wave that is 2010. I don't even call it the Olympics anymore, because simple references to sporting events don't cut it.

Deep Thoughts

"It's easy to sit there and say you'd like to have more money. And I guess that's what I like about it. It's easy. Just sitting there, rocking back and forth, wanting that money.